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About Vivid Financial Group

Vivid Financial Group serves those nearing and in retirement in the Dallas/Fort Worth area from their Grapevine headquarters and satellite offices in Dallas and Plano. Combining decades of experience, the seasoned team of financial professionals helps create multiple streams of retirement income to last a lifetime.

Knowel McGraw

A Chicago native, Knowel McGraw has lived in Texas for 20 years and been in the financial services industry for over 29 years. His primary focus is breaking down the complex world of retirement income planning into simple layman’s terms for his clients. He encourages clients with ample nest eggs to concentrate on preserving their capital rather than chasing growth. As he says, too many people are still trying to “keep up with the Dow Joneses.”

Rick Ohlhaber

Rick Ohlhaber has been in the financial services industry for 28 years and lived in Texas for over two decades after moving from Chicago. He received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Northern Illinois University. With two grown children, being a father is the best job he’s ever had. He likes to take his family to Cedar Creek Lake for boating and jet skiing.

Steve Bright

Steve Bright is from Indiana and started on the Chicago Options Exchange in the late 80s. During the bull market of the 90s, he mainly focused on individual stocks. With experience in virtually every part of the financial industry, he likes to concentrate now on retirement income planning, which, Steve says, “is the most complex part of retirement.”

James Scott

James Scott, a native Texan from Abilene, works with the group as the office manager, implementing all the processes and procedures for client accounts. He makes sure clients receive their monthly income on a timely basis and coordinates and aggregates accounts.

Grant Augustini

Grant is a lifelong resident of Southlake and recently graduated from The University of Arkansas with a degree in business. He is passionate about helping seasoned citizens find the right Medicare plan for their unique situation.

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